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The diamond cutter

Cavies rule #1: Always reblog the diamond cutter

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This is really cute and I’m glad someone translated it, but here’s a link to the original source~

watch as i cry

Oh. My. God.


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Do you ever…

Do you ever have those random moments in your life where you really miss your friends so much that you just want to grab them and hug them the next time you see them but then you realize you don’t have that many friends…at least it doesn’t feel like it. Is that my fault? Who thinks of me as their friend? Are they thinking the same thing? Why do I feel like no one thinks of me…again is that my fault? Or am I just unlucky? Am I selfish for thinking this? The thoughts of an avid thinker

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I spend about 50% of my day thinking about Bluecoats…

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Oh god. That picture. And your last post. It reminds me of how you wanted to incinerate your hands/the following bathroom incident.
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oh..yea i remember unfortunately

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I will never ever…

Let a stranger use my phone ever again.

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-insert well thought out question here-
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